Don Matteo: Sets 5 & 6
Don Matteo: Sets 5 & 6 
Terence Hill (famous for his partnership with Bud Spencer in spaghetti westerns such as They Call Me Trinity and My Name is Nobody) stars as Don Matteo, a thoroughly ordinary Catholic priest with an extraordinary ability to read people and solve crimes.
This combo pack includes:
Episode 33: The Past Returns
Episode 34: The Beauty
Episode 35: The Secrets of the Heart
Episode 36: Scandal in the City
Episode 37: Kidnapped
Episode 38: The Job
Episode 39: Three Marriages and One Father Christmas
Episode 40: Beauty Farm
Episode 41: The Conventís Mystery
Episode 42: Natalina in Love
Episode 43: In Love Itís Never Too Late
Episode 44: Anonymous Letter
Episode 45: The Fall
Episode 46: Fear Onstage
Episode 47: The King of Chess
Episode 48: The Witness
Episode 49: Election Campaign
Episode 50: Murder in the Library
Episode 51: My Father has Been to Jail
Episode 52: A Debt for Life
Episode 53: Dancing Competition
Episode 54: Death at Dawn
Episode 55: Comma 23
Episode 56: The Poisoned Chalice


SKU SKU16759
Region Code Region Code 1 - For use in all US DVD Players
Format 4:3
Running Time 1302 Min.
Discs 8-DVD Set
Country of Origin Itlay
Language In Italian with English Subtitles
Production Date 2002
DVD Release Date July 23, 2013
Price: $55.93


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