Irene Huss 7-12 Combo-Pack
Irene Huss 7-12 Combo-Pack 
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Angela Kovacs reprises her role in the second season of DETECTIVE INSPECTOR IRENE HUSS, the compelling Swedish TV crime series based on the best-selling crime fiction of Helene Tursten. Irene Huss is a former European ju-jitsu champion, a mother of two teenage daughters and a Detective Inspector with the Violent Crimes Unit. Her husband, Krister, is a successful chef and restaurateur and luckily for Irene, he gladly shoulders a fair share of the household tasks. At the Violent Crimes Unit in Gothenburg, Irene encounters a wide range of criminal minds from international serial killers to psychotic young girls. Each new case brings its share of quirks and quandaries to the table, sometimes forcing the entire team to put their lives on the line.

EPISODE 7 - THE HIDDEN WATCHER - Two boy scouts find a woman’s body buried in a desolate field. Irene Huss and her team discover more graves, each with a body and what appears to be a personal item. Clearly a serial killer is on the loose and the only apparent link between the all victims is that they were middle-aged women.
EPISODE 8 - THE TREACHEROUS NET - A young girl is brutally attacked and dragged into a van. Irene and her team arrive at the scene too late to save her, but discover a link to other recent abductions. A killer is on the loose, using internet chat rooms to lure his victims. The trail leads to someone using wi-fi on the Gothenburg-Malmö train.
EPISODE 9 - THE MAN WITH THE SMALL FACE - A retired policeman crossing the street gets hit by a stolen car. The car turns up later in an industrial area, a charred cinder. Nearby, the police also find the body of a severely injured young girl. The crime team begins a search for the car thieves and for any links between the unidentified girl and the hit-and-run victim.
EPISODE 10 - RING OF SILENCE - A young man is found dead in a dumpster, his body naked, bloody, burned and battered. The autopsy reveals the presence of GHB in the system, suggesting sexual abuse and torture. Irene Huss and her colleagues discover links to a trendy nightclub that Irene’s daughter, Jenny, and her friends visit frequently, oblivious to any danger.
EPISODE 11 - PROTECTED BY SHADOWS - A car floats in the waters of a port, with a corpse in the driver’s seat. The investigation leads Irene to a motorcycle gang, whose reach appears to go deep into the justice system. After a bombing attempt on her husband’s restaurant, she’s ready to take matters into her own hands.
EPISODE 12 - THE HUNTED WITNESS - A beautiful young woman is found dead in the river, wearing a diamond wedding ring that belongs to someone else. Irene Huss and her colleagues find that the cause of death was not drowning, but a head injury. The woman has not been reported missing and no one can identify her.

SKU SKU16762
Format: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 1162 Min.
Discs: 6-DVD Set
Country of Origin: Sweden
Language: In Swedish with English Subtitles
Production Date: 2011
DVD Release Date: July 23, 2013


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