Maigret - Set 9
Maigret - Set 9 
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Sporting his pipe that seems a nod to Sherlock Holmes, the pragmatic, reserved and refined Maigret investigates murders in his singular unhurried manner and inevitably discovers the truth. To crack his cases he peels back the veneer of seemingly idyllic villages and neighborhoods, exposing the criminals who lurk in all levels of society. Against a backdrop of 1950s Paris and the surrounding French countryside, these original feature-length films pay homage to one of the most brilliant detective minds of the twentieth century.

Episode 49: A Shadow in the Courtyard - When the wealthy owner of a pharmaceutical company is shot and killed at his desk with a plundered safe behind him, Maigret wonders if it was just a robbery gone wrong. Whatever it was, heís convinced the answer lies down the block, where the victimís ex-wife and her husband, his girlfriend and his wastrel son all live.

Episode 50: Maigret at the Doctorís - Dr. Baron is a respectable physician, married with two children. When his servant girl from Brittany dies of poisoning, her parents file a complaint with the police. Maigret travels to the doctorís home in Neuilly and investigates allegations of foul play associated with another servant; he also learns that a vagrant visited the house weekly.

Episode 51: Maigret Rents a Room - Maigret rents a room in a boardinghouse to investigate where one of his detectives was shot during a stakeout. His investigation leads him to take a special interest in a lonely, crippled woman who lives across the street. As he learns about her situation, it begins to seem as if she and everyone he talks to has something to hide.

Episode 52: The Ladyís Companion - A young woman tries to convince Maigret that the death of the cultured woman she worked for was actually a homicide. She accuses the victimís family, but the local judge defends the family on the basis of their high social standing and tells Maigret that her allegations are preposterous and should be disregarded.

Episode 53: Seven Little Crosses - Mid-August in Paris, and Maigret is due to leave on vacation. His travel plans get interrupted when a 60-year-old woman is killed in her own apartment. The police suspect it may be the latest murder commited by a serial killer. The same night, anonymous calls for police assistance come in from all over Paris, as if someoneís trying to send a cryptic message.

Episode 54: Maigret at the …toile du Nord - Maigretís about to get out of town when he picks up the phone to hear of a man stabbed to death at the hotel …toile du Nord. At the hotel he meets a disheveled young prostitute who claims she knew the victim as a client. She trashes Maigretís office and lies about her age and her address, but Maigret isnít buying any of it.

SKU SKU16764
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Discs: 6-DVD Set
Country of Origin: France
Language: In French with English Subtitles
DVD Release Date: September 20, 2013
UPC Code: 815047017641


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