Vares: Episodes 1-6 Combo-Pack
Vares: Episodes 1-6 Combo-Pack 
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Private investigator, ladies’ man, hard-drinking pub regular: Jussi Vares is a hero whose laid-back nonchalance belies a rock-hard determination to solve the case. Created by bestselling Finnish crime author Reijo Maki, Vares radiates all the vulnerability and loneliness of a man who may not have found his place in life, but can pretty much do without it. He comes with a rogues gallery of friends which include Alanen, the disgraced priest who owns the bookstore, the writer Luusalmi who’s managed to scribble one successful book in his life, the ex-con Antidote, whose underworld connections come in handy, and pretty blonde cab driver/exotic dancer Anna. His outward appearance alternates between scruffy - necessary to gain the trust of lowlifes he needs for information – to cleaned up – useful for gaining the attention of ladies he’s got his eye on. Set in Turku on Finland’s southwestern coast, the quirky Private Eye Vares features cases that run the gamut from intimate family score-settlings to big-time Russian Mafia trouble.

Episode 1: The Kiss of Evil - Vares is hired by a grieving mother to investigate the unsolved murder of her daughter, Kerttu. The fact that Kerttu’s best friend went missing a year earlier seems suspicious to Vares, who uncovers a second murder and some very unhealthy family ties...

Episode 2: The Girls of April - Ten years ago, three fun-loving female students vanished one after the other. Although no bodies were ever found, the entire nation was convinced that they had been killed. Journalist Ruuhio hires his friend Vares to pick up the investigation, but his timing couldn’t be worse.

Episode 3: Garter Snake - A distinguished lawyer suspects that his wife is cheating on him with the lounge pianist Lobo. Vares keeps tabs on the pianist, but what he finds out propels him into the midst of a really messy affair involving drug deals, a prison break and pornography.

Episode 4: The Path of the Righteous Men - Investigating a murder in a small, secluded village, Vares discovers a town in the grip of a powerful religious sect. Drugged and locked away in the local psychiatric clinic, Vares manages to escape and must now bring down a ring involved in extortion, religious scams and much more.

Episode 5: Gambling Chip - Vares has fallen in love with a woman who is soon found dead. He’s hired by her brother Timo to catch the killer, but Timo himself starts acting suspiciously after he catches his wife in the arms of a dubious bank manager who’s involved in a big financial scam.

Episode 6: Tango of Darkness - Things aren’t going well for Vares: he’s in the crossfire of two vindictive men, his friend Ruuhio has disappeared, and he’s getting nowhere in his investigation of the death of a famous tango singer. As his enemies close in on him, a car bomb explodes, changing everything...

SKU SKU16722
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 551 Min.
Discs: 6-DVD Set
Country of Origin: Finland
Language: In Finnish with English Subtitles
Production Date: 2011


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