Dolmen: The Complete Series
Dolmen: The Complete Series 
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What could be more perfect than coming home to marry your childhood sweetheart? Police officer Marie Kermeur returns to the beautiful craggy island of Ty Kern, off the coast of Brittany, to marry Christian, the man she grew up with on the island. But wedding planning turns into funeral preparations as the island becomes the stage for strange, nightmarish happenings. One by one, members of Marie’s and other well-known local families die in mysterious circumstances. Adding an element of the bizarre to each tragedy is the fact that at the moment of death, one of the large stone outcroppings called menhirs begins to bleed – with blood identical to that of the victim. And, in the hand of each corpse is found the cryptic note, “For Marie, He will judge. From the stone, blood will spill.” The strange phenomenon revives an old and sinister island legend – that of the Shipwreckers. They were the starving islanders who, centuries ago during a famine, misdirected ships heading to lighthouse and caused them to wreck upon the rocks. Desperate to stop the carnage, Marie starts her own investigation, but a top cop from Paris, Lucas Fersen, supplants her and is officially put in charge of the case. However, given that her family is directly affected by the eerie events, Marie is determined to play a part in the investigation and help solve the mystery. Despite their initial mutual mistrust, a strong attraction grows between Marie and Lucas. Together they reveal Ty Kern’s darkest secrets.

SKU SKU16750
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 542 Min.
Discs: 3-DVD Set
Country of Origin: France
Language: In French with English Subtitles
DVD Release Date: 1/21/2014
UPC Code: 815047017504


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