The Johan Falk Trilogy
The Johan Falk Trilogy 
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Jakob Eklund stars as tough Gothenburg cop Johan Falk in the three hit feature films that introduced the character to audiences around the world. Based on true stories of criminals, victims, law enforcement operatives and private security companies, the Johan Falk Trilogy is a fast-paced, relentlessly-suspenseful thriller depicting a society under constant threat from a new kind of criminality, one which operates out of the banks and corporate boardrooms of every major European capital. A whole continent is about to be stolen, and only one man can save it!

ZERO TOLERANCE - Off-duty policeman Johan Falk runs across a robbery in progress and springs into action - but a civilian is killed, and the gunman escapes. Three bystanders identify the killer as a notorious underworld professional who knows how to pull strings and intimidate witnesses. He re-appears days later in a hospital with serious injuries and Falk is accused of vigilantism - the victim of a diabolical staged event. To save himself and the witnesses, he must track down the perpetrators before it’s too late.

EXECUTIVE PROTECTION - A new kind of criminality has hit Western Europe, and the only protection against these ruthless crooks is private security companies. As long as you pay, and it’s expensive, these bodyguards will do anything you ask of them. But what happens when they go rogue? Swedish businessman Sven Persson discovers that there’s little difference between “executive protection” and the gangsters themselves. When his wife and family are threatened, he turns to his old friend Johan Falk for help.

THE THIRD WAVE – Johan Falk has quit the police force. His former boss Sellberg, the newly-appointed Europol chief, has a job offer that Falk has no intention of taking. Falk agrees to meet Sellberg in person, but his visit to The Hague begins with an assassination attempt and ends with Falk on the run from ruthless hitmen. His only chance of survival lies with a brilliant young London stockbroker, the whistleblower who was the killers’ intended target, and a dangerous chase across Europe begins.

SKU SKU16771
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 328 Min.
Discs: 3-DVD Set
Country of Origin: Sweden
Language: In Swedish with English Subtitles
Production Date: 1999-2003
DVD Release Date: October 22, 2013
UPC Code: 815047017719


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