Wallander: Season 3
Wallander: Season 3 
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In Swedish with English Subtitles Krister Henriksson returns in a stunning performance as Detective Kurt Wallander from the best-selling crime series by Swedish author Henning Mankell. Wallander is Ystad's veteran detective who's finally learned to find respite from the job in the moments of grace that come from living on the beach with his dog, Jussi, or spending time with his granddaughter. He's still on the outs at work, however: offbeat methods make him an irritant for management and his colleague, Martinsson, is angling for his position. But no one in the department has the uncanny sense of the criminal mind that he does. Whether it's Cold War spies, pedophiles, human traffickers or kidnappers, Wallander knows when he's being lied to and when the story hasn't been fully told. Kurt is also trying to get a few things right with his daughter and fellow cop, Linda. He may have been an absentee father, but he's a very present grandfather and a friend to her and her husband. He's arrived at his life's twilight clinging to the one thing he knows, which is how to do police work. In that, Wallander is a man at the top of his game. He's also a man at the end of his game.

Episode 1: The Troubled Man - Wallander has found a place in Linda's family through his enthusiastic embrace of the roles of grandfather and occasional babysitter. When Linda's father-in-law disappears, he's drawn into a case that has its roots deep in the Cold War past.

Episode 2: The Missing- The mystery of a missing girl draws the entire Ystad police force into a frantic search. But when Wallander begins his own investigation, he sees frightening similarities to a case he had worked on ten years earlier, which still hits him hard personally.

Episode 3: The Betrayal- A young woman reports her mother missing. Soon after, she's found brutally murdered inside the family home. The primary suspect is the young woman's father, a motivational speaker who was also in the middle of a nasty split with her mother.

Episode 4: The Loss- A young Moldovan woman is found dead at a construction site. When Wallander questions a respectable doctor a little too vigorously, he gets thrown off the case. That doesn't stop him and he goes to Moldova for more information from her family.

Episode 5: The Arsonist- A convicted arsonist returns to his town after he's served his prison term and is met with hostility from those who remember his crimes. He's suspected when a kiosk in Ystad burns down and the owner is killed. Unconvinced, Kurt keeps investigating.

Episode 6: The Man Who Wept - A restaurateur is kidnapped, and Kurt is forced to work with a female colleague in Malmö to solve the case. He suspects that the police themselves are involved with the crime, and his own deteriorating health forces him to consider retirement.

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Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 549 Min.
Discs: 4-DVD Digipalk
Country of Origin: Sweden
Language: In Swedish with English Subtitles
Production Date: 2013
DVD Release Date: May 27, 2014
UPC Code: 815047017948


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