Blood of the Vine: Season 3
Blood of the Vine: Season 3 
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Benjamin Lebel is a luminary in his field: a renowned wine expert who publishes a keenly-awaited new guide every year. When the local police chief enlists his help in the hunt for a serial killer who combines murders with Grand Crus, Benjamin’s intuition and his nose are stimulated by the puzzling case. They both prove infallible as he works his own investigation in the sumptuous settings of the wine-growing regions in France. Bitten by the investigative bug and welcomed by the police as an expert, he seeks out new mysteries to solve in the heart of Bordeaux and in the regions of Cognac and Champagne. Adapted from the crime collection published by Fayard, Blood of the Vine is a series of full-bodied, yet light thrillers!

The Scam of Saint-Vivant - While on tour in Burgundy, Benjamin is approached by the son of a notable estate owner seeking his professional expertise. He soon finds out that his presence is curiously un-welcomed by the father. To make matters worse, a former employee of the estate is found dead and the police consider everyone as a suspect, including Benjamin himself.

Nightmare in Côtes-de-Nuit - Benjamin is invited as the guest of honor to a wine-tasting event in Burgundy. He luckily avoids a fatal poisoning after an unexpected guest shows up and demands Benjamin’s seat at the table. It would seem that Benjamin was the obvious target, but he has serious doubts after he starts investigating into the victim’s life and business.

Late Vengeance in Alsace - A journalist is killed in Alsace while investigating an old client of Benjamin’s. The local police ask for Benjamin’s help after discovering that the victim had recently contacted him for information. Benjamin finds clues in the midst of a dispute between his old client and the client’s neighbor over land purchases and a shared insect infestation.

The Mystery of the Yellow Wine - Benjamin accompanies his wife France on her business trip to oversee a vineyard acquisition. Upon arrival they learn that a local yellow winemaker was recently found dead as a result of suicide. As much as Benjamin wants to relax, he can’t help but investigate into the allegations of the winemaker’s murder and the motive surrounding his inheritance.

SKU SKU16847
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Running Time: 370 Min.
Discs: 2-DVD Set
Country of Origin: France
Language: In French with English subtitles
Production Date: 2013
DVD Release Date: April 28, 2015


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