Beck Binge Set
Beck Binge Set 
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This set contains Beck: Set 1-8 (Episodes 1-24):
Episode 1: The Decoy Boy
Episode 2: The Man with the Icons
Episode 3: White Nights
Episode 4: Serial Killer
Episode 5: The Pearl Hotel
Episode 6: The Monster
Episode 7: The Money Man
Episode 8: Night Vision
Episode 9: The Revenge
Episode 10: The Man with No Face
Episode 11: The Cartel
Episode 12: The Recluse
Episode 13: Sender Unknown
Episode 14: The Ad Man
Episode 15: The Boy in the Glass Bowl
Episode 16: Blind Profit
Episode 17: The Scorpion
Episode 18: The Unclaimed
Episode 19: The Vulture
Episode 20: The Attorney
Episode 21: The Japanese Painting
Episode 22: The Weak Link
Episode 23: The Silent Scream
Episode 24: In the Name of God
Episode 25: The Eye of the Storm
Episode 26: Buried Alive
Episode 27: Room 302
Episode 28: The Famil
Episode 29: The Invasion
Episode 30: The Hospital Murders
Episode 31: Gunvald
Episode 32: Steinar
Episode 33: End of the Road
Episode 34: The Last Day

SKU SKU168001
FOR USE IN U.S. DVD PLAYERS: Region Code 1 - For use in all US DVD Players
Format: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Discs: 24-DVD Set
Country of Origin: Sweden
Language: In Swedish with English Subtitles


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